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College Advisors Group has a team of experts that will make your college experience less stressful and more successful! We have been helping families approach the college planning process pro-actively for more than 15 years. We offer a realistic and practical approach to designed to help you prepare and pay for college, as well as personalized coaching to ensure your family receives the necessary guidance to ensure both academic and financial success when applying for college. Our team members have more than 60 years of combined experience in helping students and families reach their goal of an affordable college education. We will provide your family with a blueprint and game plan to master the "college game"; both academically and financially.

What makes our organization unique is that we understand both sides of the college process, admissions planning and paying for college. We have found that getting into college is only half the equation when it comes to college planning. Our college coaches can help your students get through the admissions process and our financial coaches will help you complete your financial aid forms, help you find the best student loans and help you develop a game plan to find the most efficient way to pay the remaining tuition bills.

We are passionate about getting you through this process, Put our team to work for your family and we will create an individualized plan that is right just for you. Whether your concern is preparing for college or being able to pay for college; if you are trying to attend an IVY league institution or complete a certification program; our team of expert academic advisors can coach you through it. With a realistic and practical approach, we offer the needed guidance to ensure that your student will receive the right direction at the right time so that they will achieve their goals and discover personal success.

Remember: Less Stress = More Success! Complete the request for your FREE phone consultation to see how we can help you master the "College Game".

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What our Students Say

"... [My CAG] coach helped me prepare my Law School applications and personal statement. I got accepted into my first choice school and definitely attribute my coach to my success!
Daniel T. Silver Spring, MD

What our Parents Say

As a parent, [CAG] guided us through the financial aspect of the application process and helped us understand the terminology and the financial awards.

Sallie Mae

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